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Patrick J Cook

UX designer / Web designer / Web developer

latest work

Creative thinking :: Focused on Results


web / app development

I'm perpetually expanding my skill sets. I'm comfortable working in HTML/CSS, VanillaJS and iOS/Swift, and React is coming soon! I prefer to hand code all my work.

web design

I'm a results-focused Designer/Developer. I love writing HTML and CSS and prefer to hand code my work, but if a CMS, such as, Wordpress or Contentful, or a particular framework works better for you, then that's a better solution.


I love sketching, animating, wireframing, prototyping, and testing. Full gammut UX Design and Testing services provided. AdobeXD / SketchApp / InVision / Balsamiq, etc. depending on your needs and/or philosophical bent...All designs are rendered and delivered in digital format.